Valiant Effort (VE) strives to unveil the life and death struggle in the European night skies during the Second World War. We seek to keep the memory alive of those who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the pursuit of peace.

VE is being created in partnership with the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, Ontario. With access to an archive of wartime artifacts, genuine equipment and hanger of aircraft, the Sharp End Studio (SES) team led by renowned indie creative director Andrew Spearin (Insurgency; Day of Infamy) is creating a game with unprecedented historical authenticity.




Before flying an operational mission, aircrew must earn their wings. Valiant Effort simplifies this process to capture the essence of the training experience. The game requires each player to qualify for their positions in order to ensure air crews playing the game know what they are doing.

The training provided by the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan (BCATP) transformed the best and brightest volunteers from Canada and the Commonwealth into  highly skilled air crew. It took several courses over the span of years before they would form a crew at an RAF station in England.

Concept illustrations by Brian Flockhart

Concept illustrations by Brian Flockhart

Until then, the safe skies of Canada offered a haven for yellow training aircraft buzzing overhead, that also ensured defense of communities across the country. Over 200 airfields were constructed, RCAF Mount Hope among them, to train pilots, navigators, air gunners, wireless operators, and bomb aimers.

Before going up in the air, ground school includes the Link Trainer simulator. Trainees begin flying in the single-engine Tiger Moth biplane, graduating up to Harvards and eventually on to multi-engine aircraft such as the Anson and Bolingbroke. VE features the bombing ranges on Lake Erie, the runways at Mount Hope and other RCAF stations scattered among the fields of southern Ontario.

Players will see the environment as trainees during the war would have seen. Thanks to the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum’s archive of materials, VE will recreate life on a training airfield in Canada. By utilizing the process of photogrammetry, we are scanning uniforms, equipment and artifacts from the archive to ensure authenticity in Valiant Effort.




Valiant Effort will feature a 30 mission campaign with 419 “Moose” Squadron, No. 6 Group RCAF, RAF Bomber Command, spanning from April to August 1944. The operations will cover various scenarios and targets in support of the invasion of Europe.

It’s difficult to envision what it was like inside a Lancaster bomber over each target area, and impossible to feel the terror of being stalked by night fighters and caught in searchlights. Valiant Effort seeks to bring these moments to light.



Valiant Effort enables cinematic storytelling that fuses education with the world’s most popular medium of entertainment.

VE will include two VR experiences, “VR-A on D-Day” and “Valiant Effort over Cambrai.” Players will ride-along as “Second Dickie’ on June 6th to witness D-Day from above; and experience the fateful mission of June 13 with P/O Andrew Mynarski, VC, and the crew of Lancaster KB726.


Players are required to work together to ensure the completion of every mission, and to understand every crew member’s vital role to keep the aircraft safely flying, on time and on target.


When is the release date?
We are aiming for launch in 2020.

What game engine are you using?
We are building Valiant Effort with Unreal Engine 4.

Which platform(s) will VE be available on?
The game is being developed for PC, and planning to release in as many digital stores as possible including Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Are you going to have an early access launch or crowdfunding campaign?
We are exploring the prospect of both an early access launch and crowdfunding.

Will all of the game’s content be available at release, or will there be DLC?
The launch version of the game will include the BCATP Training and Normandy Campaign content with 2 VR experience missions. We have plans for both free and paid DLC to release new aircraft, squadrons, missions and environments.

Tell us more about DLC plans!
Our first priority is RAF Bomber Command aircraft and squadrons, so you can expect additional aircraft including the Vickers Wellington, Handley Page Halifax, de Havilland Mosquito, and variants of the Avro Lancaster including the famous 617 Squadron “Dam Busters.”

Will there be user-generated content? (i.e. mods or custom liveries)
Yes, our plan is to build this game as a cooperative flight sim framework that can be expanded upon by content creators, with new aircraft, missions, and environments.

Is this a multiplayer game?
Valiant Effort can be played offline singleplayer or online cooperative mode for up to 3 players to operate one aircraft together. There is no adversarial multiplayer planned (i.e. German interceptors vs bombers) at the moment.

How will training and qualification affect multiplayer?
Each role is highly specialized and requires training. Players must be aware of both their responsibilities and the technical aspects of their role, and as such they will be required to qualify before inhabiting certain roles in multiplayer.

What aircraft can I fly?
The launch version of Valiant Effort focuses upon the Avro Lancaster Mk X bomber with 419 (Moose) Squadron. The Training component will feature the Bristol Bolingbroke (Blenheim IV) and North American Harvard, and possibly more.

Can I fly American aircraft like the B-17, or German aircraft like the Ju 88?
American and German aircraft are outside of our scope at the moment. However the game will support community-made content at launch so it will be entirely possible for these aircraft to be supported.

Can I play as Andrew Mynarksi or other historic crew?
Any depictions of historic figures will remain as non-playable in the game. We wish to tell their stories in the most respectful manner possible.

Who is making this game?
Sharp End Studio Inc. is a new game development company located in Hamilton, Ontario. We are presently a team of 8 designers, artists and developers working in-house together. The CEO and game director is Andrew Spearin, the former creative director and cofounder of Insurgency. Spearin also worked on Day of Infamy and directed the launch trailer for Post Scriptum. We also have an experienced executive team to ensure business success.

How can I help?
You tell us! There are various ways to contribute to the project. Please join our Discord server or other channels from the social media links in the footer below. Or contact us with how you would like to get involved. We are happy to have contributors when it comes to research, promotion or investment.